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Massage Your Way to Better Muscle Health

Maybe your first idea of muscle health centers around the gym. You might envision sets of grueling reps, working to bulk up and strengthen your muscles, or regular yoga or Pilates exercises to build up your core.

When you’re in strong health to begin with, the gym might be the right place to start if you want to build your way to improved muscle health. But if you’re healing from an injury, surgery, or other trauma, you would benefit more from a gentler approach. 

Massage therapy restores your muscles to health so you can get back to working on your health and wellness goals from a strong foundation.

At Synergy Rehabilitation & Wellness Center of Scottsdale, Arizona, our experienced and compassionate care team works with new and existing patients to rebuild muscle health after trauma. 

Under the leadership of Anthony Lee, MD, we use numerous types of therapeutic massage to support your muscle healing and wellness.

How massage works to support your muscles

With massage therapy, we can ease your recovery process and help you heal properly. You might need massage therapy to relieve the aches and pains in your healing muscles right away. Your flexibility and range of movement both improve after a massage. 

Massage can also reduce inflammation around a damaged area of your body, allowing for increased new tissue growth and regeneration in your muscles.

Massage therapy works to reduce your anxiety, allowing you to relax and stop holding tension in your recovering muscles. A slower, steadier heart rate increases your blood flow and lymph circulation, both key for musculoskeletal healing and regeneration. 

Massage reduces your levels of stress hormones and releases endorphins, improving your mood and outlook. 

Multiple types of massage therapy

At Synergy Rehabilitation & Wellness Center, we use different types of therapeutic massage to best support your healing muscles and whole-body health and wellness. You could benefit from:

Massage therapy treatment can help you build back up to full muscle health. Once your damaged muscles have had a chance to relax and regenerate, you can get back to healthy activity on the playing field or enjoy a restored and expanded quality of life.

To find out more about what massage therapy could do for your muscle health and overall wellness this fall, get in touch with our experts at Synergy Rehabilitation & Wellness Center today. Book your appointment by calling us, or use our online tool to request an appointment.

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