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The Benefits of Massage

New Office - Massage Room

It’s always nice when life throws you that little reminder of how beneficial massage can be. The last few weeks for me have been rough. I have been working and teaching and feeling the stress from all angles. My sleep was becoming more and more restless and my anxiety was through the roof. To top it all off, we were moving office locations. Life was just a lot and I was really starting to feel it! My head was just constantly spinning in circles.

I decided after the move that it was time to take care of myself and I booked a massage. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to relax much with everything buzzing around in my head or the stiffness I felt in my muscles, but I knew I needed it. When I have a lot going on or am feeling overstressed, it's hard to think about taking time out for a massage. I almost feel guilty. The thing is that massage can actually be an extremely effective tool to manage stress and stress-related issues. Managing stressful times with massage can lead to better sleep, decreased anxiety, increased circulation, reduced fatigue, and greater energy. Not to mention, it helps loosen tight muscles, and for me, keeps my shoulders away from my ears.

The massage was just what I needed! I had no problem at all relaxing and it was honestly a nice break from dealing with my phone, emails and anything else. It was just a set amount of time to break away from it all. After my session, I felt great. I was ready to continue on with what needed to get accomplished but didn’t feel the stress of the world. I had new ideas for projects and most importantly, my shoulders were out of my ears!! Massage is a great tool to manage stress and help the body recover. It works to pump oxygen and nutrients into soft tissue, relax tired and overused muscles, and reduce spasms and cramping. Immediately, my sleep improved and I didn’t feel sore or stiff from the move. I could feel that I worked hard but no actual discomfort now. The whole experience helped in so many ways.

Take time for yourself! Dealing with stress or working a lot can take its toll on everyone. Massage can be an effective tool to help you. Muscle recovery, stress management, and life in general can all be improved with massage. At Synergy Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, in Scottsdale AZ, we strive to work with you and other healthcare practitioners to bring about the best sessions for you. It’s not a luxury but an important necessity in managing tension, stress, and discomfort in our lives.

Morgan Strong Morgan Strong, LMT Morgan grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York and holds a license to practice massage therapy in New York and Arizona. He is well educated and skilled massage therapist, who uses an integration of manual therapy techniques to customize a massage session that focuses on reduction of pain and tension in the body. He works to manipulate soft tissue and structurally re-educate and rehabilitate areas of tension and discomfort. Much of his training and education specializes in medical massage. This type of manual therapy bodywork is focused and results-oriented. He enjoys working together with Synergy to provide bodywork that best benefits the person. He looks to work alongside professionals who believe in honest open communication, exceptional ethics and values, and patient focused intentions. The belief that bodywork is not always a luxury, but a necessity for managing pain and discomfort. Morgan looks forward to working with anyone who wants to manage tension, pain and discomfort through bodywork.

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