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Signs Your Nerves May Be Malfunctioning

Your nerves connect your brain to every part of your body. Think of your brain as the control center and your nerves as the essential lines of communication running in and out. 

Your nerves refer information to your brain and then carry electrical signals back to your muscles and organs, allowing you to move, sense, and act.

If your nerves are damaged or malfunctioning, your condition can become serious. The symptoms of nerve issues can range from very minor to life-threatening. 

If you have a neurological disorder affecting your brain, nerves, or spinal cord, you might be surprised how much your quality of life improves after you receive a correct diagnosis and begin treatment.

Our expert team at Synergy Rehabilitation & Wellness of Scottsdale, Arizona, under the leadership of Anthony Lee, MD, can accurately diagnose your nerve-related problems. 

Here are some of the symptoms you should watch out for if you're concerned you might have a neurologic disorder.

A range of possible symptoms

Because your brain controls so many of your bodily functions, the symptoms of nerve malfunctioning are of many different types and show up in various locations.

Often nerve disorders come with uncomfortable sensations. These can include:

Your nerves also control your physical motion, and nerve issues can show up in sudden or inexplicable clumsiness. If your nerves aren't functioning correctly, you could also experience symptoms like:

Your nerves have other functions in your body, as well. Your nervous system controls essential aspects of your daily biological functioning, including sleep and digestion. Patients with nerve-related issues can report related symptoms such as:

The professional diagnosis and care you need

The symptoms of nerve malfunctioning can impede your ability to peacefully live your life, or can even threaten your life and ongoing wellness. The most serious risks of neurologic disorders include a stroke, fainting, seizures, and coma. 

The good news is, you don't have to struggle to cope with a neurologic condition alone. With professional diagnosis and care, you may be able to completely resolve your symptoms and reclaim your full health. 

Depending on your symptoms, we can trace the location of your spinal cord, or nerve malfunction, and recommend the best course of treatment to restore your health.

Don't wait for your neurologic symptoms to worsen. Seek help with your nerve problems right away. 

At Synergy Rehabilitation & Wellness, we offer a full range of physical medicine and rehabilitative services. Make an appointment with a member of our experienced, compassionate staff by calling our office or requesting an appointment with our online tool at your convenience.

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