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Scar Tissue Restrictions, How Cupping Can Help!

Shoulder Scar

Whether from injury to the tissue or from a surgical procedure, scars can have a limiting effect on the body. In the case of surgical scars, scaring may go deep in the body, affecting other body systems and internal organs. Scar tissue can contribute to and perpetuate all sorts of pain patterns. It can reduce range of motion and mobility, reduce blood flow, and give rise to restriction and discomfort in the body.

When skin and soft tissue are damaged, the body heals itself to maintain its integrity and close the open area as quickly as possible. This occurs especially when the inside body is exposed to the outside world. As a result, scar tissue is produced. The body lays down collagen fibers to repair the damaged area. Collagen is a strong, tensile fiber and is used as a matrix or scaffolding to allow the tissue to heal itself quickly. The collagen fibers are laid down in a much more random pattern than the original tissue. This allows the area to close up quicker and the tissue to be stronger in that area. Because of this, the scar feels and looks different than the original tissue. This can be great for healing a wound but can cause other discomfort and restrictions in the body.

Cupping can have a profound influence on scar tissue. It can help to improve the overall appearance of the scar and improve the function of the tissue. It brings blood flow to the area and the scar itself. This allows the tissue to soften and reduces tension and restriction. The adhered tissue becomes “unstuck” and allows for fresh blood and nutrients to pass into and through the area, creating more freedom of movement and increased range of motion. Regardless of the reason for the production of scar tissue, whether it was damage to the tissue or an intended surgery, if you have been dealing with discomfort or limitations from a scar or scar tissue, cupping might be the answer for you. 

At Synergy Rehabilitation and Wellness Center of Scottsdale, AZ our experienced massage therapist can support your muscle healing.  To find out more about what massage therapy and cupping  could do for your muscle health and overall wellness, get in touch with our experts at Synergy Rehabilitation & Wellness Center today.

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Morgan Strong Morgan Strong, LMT Morgan grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York and holds a license to practice massage therapy in New York and Arizona. He is well educated and skilled massage therapist, who uses an integration of manual therapy techniques to customize a massage session that focuses on reduction of pain and tension in the body. He works to manipulate soft tissue and structurally re-educate and rehabilitate areas of tension and discomfort. Much of his training and education specializes in medical massage. This type of manual therapy bodywork is focused and results-oriented. He enjoys working together with Synergy to provide bodywork that best benefits the person. He looks to work alongside professionals who believe in honest open communication, exceptional ethics and values, and patient focused intentions. The belief that bodywork is not always a luxury, but a necessity for managing pain and discomfort. Morgan looks forward to working with anyone who wants to manage tension, pain and discomfort through bodywork.

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