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Regenerate Deteriorating Joints With Biologic Injections

Chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA) don't just affect you during an attack. The pain and inflammation certainly affect your life. You may have to cancel plans or spend more time than you really want resting in bed. 

But did you know that the damage from arthritis can actually break down your joints over time, causing them to progressively deteriorate? One of our best tools for rebuilding and regenerating damaged joints is regenerative medical therapy like biologic injections.

If you have arthritis or another chronic joint condition, don't just plan your coping strategies this fall. Take control of your healing. At Synergy Rehabilitation & Wellness Center of Scottsdale, Arizona, our team, led by board-certified physician Anthony Lee, MD, can put together a comprehensive treatment plan for your deteriorating joints.

Progressively worsening joint damage

Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus use your own immune system against you. Your immune system fails to recognize your body's healthy cells and attacks them as if they were threatening invaders. 

During an RA attack, you could have pain, swelling, and inflammation, as your immune system works in overdrive attacking the tissues of your own joints.

After repeated attacks of this kind, your joints start to wear down. Joint damage can put you into an adverse cycle, where deterioration reduces functionality and increases your pain, leaving you vulnerable to further damage and decreasing your quality of life even more.

Even if you're dealing with a one-time injury, rather than a progressive condition like RA, you could still benefit from regenerative therapy support. Our Synergy Rehabilitation & Wellness Center team can also help with injuries like ACL tears, rotator cuff tears, and tennis elbow.

Real treatment options for regeneration

To break the cycle of inflammatory attacks and joint damage, seek professional medical advice. You could benefit from multiple therapies. 

With regenerative medical therapies like biologic injections, we can relieve your pain symptoms, reduce your inflammation levels, and kick-start the healing process in your damaged joints. 

Biologic injections

Biologic injections can target damaged joints with naturally occurring proteins and growth factors. Biologics promote healing and accelerate new tissue growth. We recommend biologic injection therapy for patients with RA and some types of lupus.

At Synergy Rehabilitation & Wellness Center, we use biologic injections derived from donated amniotic tissue. These cells don't contain the antigen markers that cause negative reactions, so your body can use them to get started on rebuilding your deteriorating joints.

Other regenerative therapies

Your damaged joints may also benefit from other regenerative therapies. We can supplement your biologic therapy with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, using the healing factors in your own blood to accelerate new tissue growth in your deteriorating joints. 

PRP injections can also help to regulate inflammation.

We use cutting-edge ultrasound-guided injection procedures to minimize your risks and potential side effects. And to keep you safe this fall, we're offering injection therapies from our outside surgical facilities in Scottsdale, Arizona.

To learn more about how biologics and other regenerative medicine therapies can improve your joints this autumn, call us or request an appointment using our online tool.

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